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E-Design is a simple, affordable alternative to full service because the service is performed almost virtually.  


Some of the biggest benefits of E-Design is its affordability, convenience and fast turn-around time. It’s the perfect option for you, if you need an expert’s help pulling together a vision for a room in your home and you’re willing to put in a little work to make it happen.


It’s for DIY homeowners, renters, house flippers, real estate agents, small boutique owners, or anyone else who wants to upgrade a space and is able to manage ordering and installation on their own.

Quaint Living Room With Designer Furniture, Accent Decor, Coffee Table & an Ornamental Rug
Luxurious Bedroom Design Complete With Accent Chairs, a Stylish Headboard & a Custom Light Fixture


A good e-designer will have a system set up to make the entire process easy and fun for you. At Design With Moxie, we use a private client portal system where you can view all the information about your project at any time that is convenient for you. Below are the steps that take you through our e-design process.


  • Design Questionnaire

  • 1-2 Hour In-Person Design Consultation (Dependent on How Many Rooms)

  • Design Agreement

  • Room Measure 

  • Concept Boards

  • Floor Plan

  • Shopping List

  • Install Assistance and Support

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